Ubuntu 23.04 Code Name Lunar Lobster Installation Steps

Ubuntu 23.04 Code Name Lunar Lobster was released on April 20, 2023 and supports until January 2024. You may upgrade to upcoming version if you want to keep up-to-date and secure your system after Ubuntu 23.04 End of Life (EOL). Let’s see the step by step Ubuntu 23.04 installation guide.

Refer below link to create bootable disk on different OS

Warning: If you are installing Ubuntu on Laptop or desktop, it’s recommended to take data backup prior to installation.

Installation Steps

1. Boot from USB / ISO Image

Insert USB drive into laptop / desktop to install Ubuntu and restart your device. Change the booting sequence if required. You will be prompted to “Try or Install Ubuntu”.

2. Try or Install Ubuntu

Select “Install Ubuntu” and click on “Next“.

3. Choose your Language

4. Keyboard Layout.

Select your Keyboard Layout of your choice and click on “Next”.

5. Connect to Network

I have selected “I don’t want to connect to the Internet just now” because we are going to update manually post installation.

6. Application  and Updates

Select “Normal Installation” and click on “Next“.

7. Types of Installation

For beginners, recommended to choose “Erase disk and Install Ubuntu“. After selecting the option installation will start. However, we are selecting “Manual Partitioning” because we will have customized partition size.

/boot partition – We have given 1024MB size for /boot partition.

SWAP partition – We have given 4096MB size for SWAP partition. It’s always recommended SWAP partition double the size of physical memory if you have less physical memory present in the system.

root partition – We have given remaining size to / partition.

Manual Partitioning – Verify the partition size.

8. Ready for Installation

Confirm clicking on “Install” button to start installation.

9. Select nearby time zone

10. Installation Started…

11. Setup account for login

Pick username & password to login into the system after installation.

12. Choose Theme of your choice.

13. Installation is complete.

Eject / Remove installation media and click on “Restart now“.

Once restart the system, follow the screen for post installation steps.

Conclusion: In this post, we have seen how easily we can install Ubuntu Desktop 23.04 on Laptop / Desktop. Kindly share and like teclues Facebook Official Page.

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