How to Take Window’s RDP Session from Linux.

rdesktop is free and open-source remote desktop client for Linux to take a remote session of Windows Remote Desktop Services. rdesktop is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3. In this post, we will see the rdesktop installation steps. Also see how to configure Windows to accept rdesktop connections and open an RDP connection to the Windows machine from Linux.

Following are main changes with rdesktop  v1.9.0 release:
. Use GnuTLS and nettle instead of OpenSSL
Improved certificate handling
Add support for dynamic resize of sessions
Add support for alpha cursors
Add PulseAudio support
Add Kerberos support on macOS
Kerberos support no longer requires libgssglue
Remove support for rdesktop’s custom microphone extension
Several fixes to improve compatibility with modern desktops
macOS compatibility fixes
Improved handling of redirections
Many smart card bug fixes
Many disk redirection bug fixes
Improved logging
Lots of other small bug fixes

Windows Settings:
1. Open run windows dialog box pressing “Windows+R” key, and type “systempropertiesremote” to open System Properties dialog box.

2. Click on “Remote” tab and tick on “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer” option.

3. Open RDP defaul port 3389 if firewall exist.
4. Need a User and password.

Install rdesktop on Linux

Once the above settings is done, let’s move further for installation steps. rdesktop is not available on default repositories, so we will download & install using tarball (Click on picture on to enlarge it).

# wget

# tar xvzf rdesktop-1.9.0.tar.gz

# cd rdesktop-1.9.0
# ./configure –disable-credssp –disable-smartcard

If you get dependencies message during above command. Install the following packages.
# dnf install libX11-devel libXcursor* libtasn1* nettle* gnutls* [RHEL/CentOS]

$ sudo apt install libX11-devel libXcursor* libtasn1* nettle* gnutls*  [Debian/Ubuntu]

# make
# make install

Starting the RDP connection.

Connect your Windows host from Linux system using Windows username and password. Following is the command to connect.
# rdesktop -u [username] IP/Hostname
Note: Sorry guys, i’m unable to show the RDP connection because one of my Windows 10 Lappy doesn’t allow because it’s a Windows 10 home edition, i will update the post once i get the things done. (Click on picture on to enlarge it).

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Conclusion: In this guide, we have install rdesktop Desktop client to take a Window GUI session remotely from Linux machine. Please share it with Your Friends & Help Someone… and also like our tecluesdotcom Facebook Official Page. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!!!

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