Linux Mint 21 Installation Guide

Are you looking for an alternative of Windows Desktop? Linux Mint based on Ubuntu Operating System is a community-driven desktop Linux distribution could be the right choice and it’s the 3rd widely used desktop Linux distribution.

Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa” Long Term Support (LTS) was released on July 31, 2022, it will be supported until April 2027. In this post we’ll go through the steps to install newly release Linux Mint 21 LTS.

Installation Steps

1. Download Linux Mint ISO

Linux Mint comes in the form of an ISO image (.iso file) which can be downloaded clicking on the following link. Once downloaded, make a bootable DVD or a bootable USB stick using Rufus Utility. Linux Mint comes in three different editions.

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2. Boot with bootable media or DVD

After changing the booting sequence from BIOS / UEFI. Following GRUB flash screen will be present once booted. Select “Start Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon 64-bit” and hit enter key to proceed.

3. Linux Mint Live Session

When we boot with Bootable live media, Linux Mint starts a live session. It will automatically logged in as a user called mint and shows a desktop as below. Double click on “Install Linux Mint” icon on desktop to install Linux Mint on your computer.

4. Installation wizard started

This will install Linux Mint Desktop on the computer permanently. You may read the release note, else click on Continue.

5. Select keyboard layout and click “Continue

6. Multimedia Codecs

Install multimedia codecs if you are connected with internet. This will enhance and support certain video’s formats, click on “Continue“.

7. Choose the installation type

There are two options to choose.

  • Erase disk and install Linux Mint – Choose this option, If Linux Mint OS only you want to run on this computer. Note: All data on drive may lost.
  • Something else – Choose this option, if you want to manage the partitions manually.

Click on “Continue”.

8. Manual partition steps with snippets.

Let’s do manual partition. Click on “New Partition Table…”.

Confirm partition table creation, clicking on “Continue”.

We will be creating following partitions.

  • EFI – 100MB [This can be size of 100MB – 500MB]
  • /boot – 1GB [Recommended size]
  • SWAP – 4GB [Double or one third of physical RAM]
  • / – Rest all available space. [Remaining space]

Select free space area and click on + sign to create /EFI /boot partition and click on “Ok”.

Select free space area and click on + sign to create /boot partition and click on “Ok”.

Use similarly steps to create SWAP partition.

Now, create last partition as / selecting free space area with all remaining space as shown below.

After partition creation, verify your partitions as shown as below snippet and click on “Install Now“.

Write the changes to the disks ? Note: This will erase the existing data of the partitions if any. Click on “Continue

9. Select your timezone and click on “Continue“.

10. Enter your user details and click on “Continue”

11. Sit back and Relax ! Installation started…This may take sometime to finish.

12. When the installation is finished, eject bootable media and click on “Restart Now”.

13. System will rebooted and prompt for password [enter password which was set on earlier Step-10].

Following snippet shows that we have installed Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon Edition on computer successfully.

That’s it ! If you have any query use comment section below. Kindly share and like teclues facebook official page.

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