How to Install EPEL in RedHat 8.x Linux

How to Enable/Install EPEL in RHEL 8.x Linux.

EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux Repository) is a free and opensource additional package repository for Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific  and Oracle Linux. As the name suggest, this enable for extra packages wherein desired packages are not being included or unavailable in Red Hat, CentOS, Scientific Linux (SL) and Oracle Linux (OL). All EPEL packages are maintained by Fedora EPEL group. In this post we’ll see how to enable EPEL repository in Red Hat 8 Linux system. Same steps can be followed to other (CentOS, Scientific Linux (SL) and Oracle Linux (OL) system as well.
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  1. root or sudo access
  2. Internet access to download package
  3. RHEL Running instance

Step 1: Getting EPEL Package

This will download the repository file to /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo and enables it.


# yum -y install
Step 2: To list all available packages under EPEL repository.
# yum repolist epel
Step 3: Search EPEL Repository.
# yum –disablerepo=”*” –enablerepo=”epel” list available | less
Step 4: Search a package named fping on RHEL 8 using EPEL repo
# yum –disablerepo=”*” –enablerepo=”epel” list available | grep -i ‘fping’
Step 5: Install package htop
# yum –enablerepo=”epel” install htop
That’s it. In this post we have seen how easily install/enable EPEL Repository in Red Hat Linux 8. Please note these packages are not officially supported by CentOS or Red Hat. Please share it and contact us thru comment box below in case of any issue. Also see EPEL home page for more info. also Like Our Facebook Page. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!


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