How To Install Fedora Linux 38 Workstation

Fedora Linux 38 was released on Tuesday, April 18, 2023. In this post, we will walk you through Fedora Linux Workstation Installation Steps which can be installed on Desktop or Laptop.

Download ISO Image

Download the Fedora Linux 38 ISO from the Official Download Page. Fedora Linux support different Architecture, click on below link to download Fedora Linux 38.

Create a bootable media using UNetbootin or Etcher from the downloaded ISO image.

Fedora Linux 38 Installation Steps

Boot your  Desktop / Laptop with ISO or DVD media and make sure booting sequence is set properly. Use up arrow to pick “Start-Fedora-Live 38” and hit Enter key.

Click on “Install Fedora” to lunch the installer.

Select your Language, click on “Continue“.

You will be presented the “Installation Summary” screen. Click on “Installation Destination

Select “Storage Configuration” option to partition the disk automatic. Choose “Custom” if you want to partition the disk manually. Click on “Done” button to return to the previous screen.

Click on “Begin Installation“.

Installation Started! Sit back and relax, this may take several minutes.

Fedora 38 Linux Installation is complete. Remove bootable media and click on “Finish Installation

Post Installation Steps.

You will get the post installation setup wizard, it will ask you to set parameters. Click on “Start Setup” to follow the screen.

Toggle ON/OFF to enable or disable the services like Location Services & Automatic Problem Reporting, by default it’s on. Click on “Next“.


Enable or Disable Third-party repositories. It provides additional applications from external sources. Click “Enable Third-Party Repositories” if required else simply click on “Next“.

Online Accounts. Click on “Skip“. This can be set later on also.

Create user account.

Set a password for user created in previous screen.

Setup Complete. Click on button “Start Using Fedora Linux“.

You click on “Take Tour” to learn the features of GNOME 44 else click on “No Thanks” to skip this.

Login with password set in earlier step.

Check Installed Fedora Version

Network Settings

Setting IP Address, Netmask and Gateway Manually. Click on “Apply” for changes.

Software Updates

Follow below steps for Software Updates post installation.

Enable or Disable Third-party repositories.

Click “Enable” or “Ignore” it.  We recommend to Enable it.

Download Application

Click on Download button

Restart and Update

Restart and Install Updates.

Application is now up-to-date.

Open Command Prompt or Terminal.

We can verify installing Neofetch package using command prompt.

$ sudo dnf install neofetch -y

That’s it! In this post, we have seen step by step installation of Fedora Linux 38. Kindly share it and let’s know if you have any query through comment box below. Also follow us on Facebook Official Page.

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