Fedora Linux 35 Workstation Installation Guide.

Fedora 35 is here !!

Fedora is a free Linux operating system developed by Fedora Project and mainly sponsored by Red Hat Inc. Fedora 35 is officially released on November 2, 2021 for Workstation, ServersSilverblue – focused on an immutable desktop specialized to container-based workflows  and IoT – focused on IoT Devices. 
This post describes various steps involve for the installation. This release brings some of the major improvements like GNOME 41, check out the GNOME 41 Release notes, PipeWire, Wayland on Nvidia, and libinput improvements, changes to third-party software repositories. What’s new in Fedora 35 Workstation.

Download Fedora 35 Workstation

You can get Fedora 35 Workstation from the official website. Also Click here for torrents for all Fedora variants. 
Once download is complete, Downloaded ISOs can be used to create installation media with both optical and USB disks for booting BIOS and UEFI systems. You can use the utilities like Etcher , Unetbootin, & Rufus
Warning : Take data backup as the Media creation is destructive and all data on USB are deleted.

Booting with Fedora Installer.


Plug in and boot with Live USB & CD/DVD device into the system and restart. Need to change booting sequence pressing F12 or DEL to enter into SETUP and follow the screen instructions to access boot menu. Once it starts rebooting Fedora installer displays the following screen. Select “Start Fedora-Workstation-Live 35” and press “Enter” key to start Workstation Live Desktop.

There are two options “Try Fedora” and “Install to Hard Drive“. Click on “Install to Hard Drive” to proceed Fedora Workstation 35 Installation.

Welcome Screen and Language Selection

Choose the Language of your choice, after you select your language and locale and click on “Continue” to confirm your selection and proceed to “Installation Summary“.

Installation Summary

The Installation Summary is the central location for setting up an installation and can be configured all the options from the screen.

Keyboard Layout

The Keyboard Layout screen allows to setup keyboard layouts for your system. Click on “Done” to return on “Installation Summary“.

Date & Time

The Date & Time option allows to configure time and data settings of the system. The region is automatically configured and selected based on the settings you selected in the Welcome and Language Selection screen. However, you can change date, time and location before you begin the installation.

Installation Destination

This screen allows to configure disks such as which disks to be used for your Fedora installation. All the local storage devices are displayed in the “Local Standard Disks” section. After disk selection, select “Storage configuration” section, there are three options in this section.
Automatic – The installer will determine the total amount of space on all selected disks, and will create a Btrfs layout suitable for your system.
Custom – This is for experience users who should have fair knowledge of disk partitions.
Advanced-Custom (Blivet-GUI) – This is for advanced user who should have good knowledge of disk partitions and related concepts.
Press “Done” in the top left corner of the screen.

Installation Summary 

Click on “Begin Installation

Installation Progress

This screen is displayed after all required options are in “Installation Summary” and press the “Begin installation” button. Actual installation of Fedora 35 Workstation is started, wait for the installation process to finish. Installer prompt to reboot after installation is done. Click “Finish installation“, remove / eject bootable media and reboot the system.

Post installation steps

After reboot, you will be displayed below screen, click “Start Setup” and follow the screen along to finish post installation steps.
Third-Party Repositories
We recommend to enable Third-Party Repositories which provide access to additional software. They include popular apps, firmware for devices.
Online Accounts
You may skips for Online Accounts

Provide the details like full name, username

Set password of the username created on above step, this will be used for login onto the Fedora system.

Setup complete. Click on “Start using Fedora System“.

Login with username and password created on above steps.

Fedora 35 Workstation Screen.

That’s it. This is end of the Fedora 35 Workstation Desktop installation steps. Hope this might help who are a beginners in Fedora Linux. Please share it with others and use comment box below to raise a query if any. Also follow us on tecluesdotcom Facebook Official Page. You may like to visit for Fedora 34 Server Installation Steps.


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