Fedora 33 is Officially Released ! Fedora 33 Installation Guide and System-Wide Changes.

Fedora 33 is officially released on October 27, 2020. In this article, we are going to see the Fedora 33 workstation default installation steps using Live ISO Image. Click here to go through the Release Notes for Fedora 33.

Following are the Fedora 33 System-Wide changes:

  1. Fedora Workstation uses Btrfs default file system
  2. thermald daemon keep the CPU in the right temperature zone based on the received data.
  3. FlexiBLAS enables runtime switching of BLAS/LAPACK backend. Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS) and Linear Algebra PACKage (LAPACK) are API standards for basic linear algebra operations.
  4. NANO a default text editor
  5. Fedora promoted Fedora Internet of Things (IoT) is an official Fedora Edition alongside Workstation and Server.
  6. Increase usage of %make_build and %make_install
  7. Fedora workstation Live CD/DVD does not contain device-mapper-multipath: Users which need device-mapper-multipath are advised to use the server installation.
  8. .NET Core now available with 64-bit ARM systems.
  9. The earlyoom service is now enabled by default in Fedora KDE
  10. dmraid-activation.service no longer depends on systemd-udev-settle.service
  11. Swap on zRAM: SWAP partition is no longer created by default at the installation. zRAM device is created and swap enabled on it during start-up. zRAM is a RAM drive that uses compression.

Fedora 33 Installation Steps:

Preparing for Installation

Recommended System Requirement for the default x86_64 installation with Gnome desktop.

  • 2GHz dual core processor
  • 4GB Memory
  • 20GB Unallocated drive space
Step 1: Download Fedora 33 Workstation Edition Live ISO 
Step 2: Booting with Live ISO Image
Boot or restart your system after inserting or booting from Live ISO Image or CD/DVD.
Following is the screen after booting with Live ISO Image or CD/DVD. Use Arrow keys to up and down and select menu. Select “Start Fedora-Workstation-Live 33” and Press ‘Enter’ key.
Step 3: Welcome to Fedora 33 “Try Fedora” or “Install to Hard Drive”.
Fedora 33 Installer present screen as below to “Try Fedora” and “Install to Hard Drive”. We recommend click on “Try Fedora” to have close look and feel of Fedora 33 workstation before installation. 
Note: you can choose “Install to Hard Drive” at any time. Let’s click on “Install to Hard Drive” to install on system.
Step 4: Select Language of your choice
Below screen allows to select your prefer Language. Select the one and click on ‘Continue’.
Step 5: Please complete items marked as shown below screen print to Begin Installation.
Step 6: After selecting ‘Installation Destination’ installer will take you for device partitioning screen. For new user, it’s recommended to select ‘Automatic’ from ‘Storage Configuration’ section which will partition your device automatically for you. Click on ‘Done‘.
Step 7: Once done. Click on ‘Begin Installation’.
Step 8: Installation is in progress.
Step 9: Installation is complete.  Eject CD/DVD or ISO Image and click on ‘Finish Installation’. This will reboot your system.
Step 10: After the installation steps:
Follow the below screens to complete post installation steps.
Step 11: Set Fullname, Username and Password.
First look of Fedora 33 Final Desktop Screen.

That’s it! In this guide, we have seen installation steps of Fedora 33 Linux. Please share it with others and use comment box below to raise a query if any. Also follow us on tecluesdotcom Facebook Official Page.

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