Fedora 32 Workstation Installation Steps with Screenshots

Fedora 32 has officially released on 29 April 2020. Fedora is open-source, community-supported, developed by Fedora project which is primarily sponsored by Red Hat Inc. Fedora Linux Operating System is the upstream source  of the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution is a freely available to use and download. In this guide we will see the installation steps of Latest Fedora Linux 32 Workstation with screenshots. Please visit the changeset page for fedora system-wide changes.

There are five different variant of Fedora Linux available to download targeting the related audiences. 
  1. Fedora Workstation – For desktop compute 
  2. Fedora Server – Server Editions
  3. Fedora CoreOS – Focused on cloud computing
  4. Fedora  Silverblue – Immutable desktop
  5. Fedora IoT (Internet on Things) – focused on IoT devices

Followings are the new features and enhancement of the packages.

  • GNOME 3.36
  • Binutils 2.33
  • Python 3.8
  • GCC 10
  • Ruby 2.7
  • Golang 1.14
  • Mono 6.6
  • New Extensions Applications to manage GNOME Extensions
  • EarlyOOM – To improve the user experience in low-memory situations.
  • fstrim.timer – This command executes weekly and informs both physical and virtual storage devices of unused blocks.

Begin Fedora 32 Installation process


Step 1: Download Fedora 32 Workstation LIVE ISO file.
Step 2: Boot your system with bootable DVD or ISO file, select “Start Fedora-Workstation-Live 32” first options as shown on below screen.
Step 3: “Try Fedora” or “Install to Hard Drive”


Fedora Installer present screen below to “Try Fedora” and “Install to Hard Drive”. We recommend “Try Fedora” to have close look and feel of Fedora 32 workstation before installation. Note: you can choose “Install to Hard Drive” at any time.


Step 4: System is booted with Fedora 32 Workstation Live media after checking hardware and other available devices. Click on ICON shown below screen to Install Fedora to Hard Drive.

Step 5: Select Language during installation process.

Step 6: Please complete items marked to continue for installation.

Step 7: After selecting “Installation Destination” installer will take you for device partitioning screen. For new user, select “Automatic” from “Storage Configuration” section to partition your device automatically for you.

Note: For experience user, select “Custom” option from “Storage Configuration” section to partition device manually.

Step 8: Fedora Installer is ready for installation. Click “Begin Installation”.

Step 9: Installation is in progress

Step 10: Installation is complete. Click on remove bootable media “Finish Installation”.  

Step 11: Post Installation steps.
Follow below screen to finish post installation steps.

Step 12: Create username and password.

All done.

Step 13: Below screen shows Fedora 32 Workstation.

Conclusion: In this tutorial, we have seen Installation Steps of Fedora Linux 32 with screenshots. Big thanks for reading all the way to the end. Please share it with Your Friends & Help Someone… and also Like Our Facebook Page. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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