Boot Linux Mint 20 on Single User Mode to Reset Forgotten Password

When you boot your system on single user or rescue mode in a Linux which starts handful of services at system boot for basic functionality to enable system administration tasks. When we do “su” to become root you must set a password for root in Debian-based system. The recommended way to become a root in Debian based system (Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc.), use “sudo su” or “sudo -i“. That lets you elevate as a root with your own password. 

In this guide, we are going to see how to reset forgotten user password in a single user or rescue mode.
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Boot Linux Mint 20 on a Single User or Rescue Mode

Step 1: Reboot or Turn on your Linux Mint 20 system into Single User Mode. 

Hold down the Shift key and press “ESC” key during boot process to enable GRUB boot loader menu (if it doesn’t show).

Press “e” to edit GRUB boot loader.

Step 2: Add parameter “” at the end of line which starts with “linux

Add as highlighted in below screenshot.

Press “F10” or “Ctrl+X” to boot your system in rescue mode.  Press “ESC” at at this stage to discard edits and return to the GRUB menu.

Step 3: Rescue console

System will be redirected to maintenance mode to recover or else to perform any other troubleshooting steps. Here, we are resetting user “teclues” password. After doing the troubleshooting steps, run “systemctl reboot” command from prompt to restart your system. Once rebooted your system, login with the new password.
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